Interior doors of PVC and aluminum, glass, glass vitres and roofs
The interior door - a beautiful beginning of every room.

Beautiful interior doors not only serve to separate space, they are an indispensable element of decor, which should not be underestimated.

Stuklen Sviat Ltd company offers you modern glass constructions with different purposes: glass doors and showcases, which are complete with special hardware оf leading world manufacturers.

We offer glass doors made of tempered glass with the possibility of mounting metal and wooden door frames. Different colours, matte, embossed and transparent.

Glass doors can be with different types of opening:
• flying doors, opening and out and inward;
• doors that open in one direction.

Thanks to the huge variety of glass and types of mechanisms for such doors, the glass doors find an ever wider application, not only in the glazing of shops and public buildings, but lately in the realization of interior interior doors, too.

Glass showcases are a modern choice for glazing shops, offices, public buildings and premises. For their production, we use several types of glass:
• float glass is the most common flat glass, it is produced in standard thicknesses from 2mm to 20mm, the most used thickness for glass showcases is 10mm;
• triplex glass - it is a connection of two or more layers of a float glass with a plastic inner layer, its high strength prevents it from breaking into pieces and it does not crumble;
• toughened glass is a float glass which is subjected to special treatment, has a high resistance to impacts and sharp temperature changes; when broken, it breaks down into small pieces;
• reinforced glass - in production, in the glass is placed a steel wire mesh, pressed between two semi-melted glasses. Shockproof and fire resistant. The reinforced glass can be directly applied as an ornamental protective glass. When broken, the wire mesh keeps the glass, which is especially important in case of fire, burglary and earthquake;
• ornamental glass - is produced on the principle of transparent or colored glass, but after special processing of relief ornaments on one or other part of the glass, by special technology. It has an aesthetic appearance and is often used for interior doors, partitions, offices and more. It also has high heat and noise insulation properties;
• matte glass - the production of this type of glass is made by spraying sand-like particles at a very high speed on the surface of the glass. The effect of matte glass is dulling and softening of the light, as the transparency of the glass depends on its thickness and the type of sand particles. It is used for internal partitions, offices, residential spaces and more.