Facility Management
Stuklen Sviat Ltd is also developing in the range of Facility Management. We specialize in the overall maintenance and management of residential, administrative, commercial and industrial buildings. We have highly qualified staff to meet even the needs of our most demanding customers.

We can maintain Your home, office or industrial facility by offering the following services:
• Demolition work - floor, walls, ceilings, floorings;
• Painting - floor, walls, ceilings;
• Waterproofing;
• Masonry;
• Plasterboard cladding;
• Complete solutions for construction-assembly works;
• Reconstruction, Renovation, Interior Adaptation, Building Repairs;
• Repair and/or upbuilding of Electrical and Water and Plumbing installations;
• Access control systems and automatic doors;
• General maintenance of buildings and facilities: lighting; Plumbing; locksmith services and joinery; replacement of lighting fixtures; repair of electric switches and sockets, electrical equipment, replacement of electric panel fuses; repair or replacement of switches and plugs;
• Haulier services: carrying, moving, packing, installation, dismantling and transport;
• Administrative services: submission/receipt of documents towards state administrative bodies;