Aluminum joinery
Aluminum is light and easy for handling, does not rust or corrode.

We offer ALTEST, SHUCO, ALUMIL, PROFILIN and ETEM branded aluminum profiles.

Aluminum is a suitable material for making windows, showcases (with a large area of ​​glazing), terraces, interior partition walls. Aluminum profiles are divided into two groups:
• with a thermal break;
• without a thermal break.

Simple opening, bipolar opening, possibility to open in and out, opening of lower and upper horizontal axis, parallel sliding.

Ðœain advantages of the aluminum joinery are:
• the installation of a single glass of dimensions from 4 to 10 mm, as well as a glass of size 24 mm;
• the material used to make Aluminium profiles corresponds to DIN 1725 T1 and is: AIMgSiO0,5 F22 meeting all standards and quality norms;
• exclusive profile durability during exploitation;
• relatively lightweight constructions with low weight;
• resistance to almost all harmful environmental impacts;
• opportunity for unlimited color gamut;
• withstand a temperature range of -80 to 80 degrees;
• Aluminum is fire and earthquake resistant.