PVC Joinery
The window solutions, which Stuklen Sviat Ltd develops, include the most suitable profile systems, hardware, glazing units and accessories to the joinery, according to Your wishes. In order to achieve high quality of the end product, we strictly adhere to the production and installation technology of PVC joinery prescribed by specialists of VIVA PLAST company.


• With its 3, 4 and 5 chamber systems, the VIVA Plast profile provides high thermal insulation and waterproofing even under the toughest climatic conditions;
• The TPV gasketing that is put during production allows better water, heat and sound insulation, while increasing the energy capacity of the joinery;
• A 24mm glazing unit is used to meet European standards;
• The wide choice of profiles allows easy choice of the desired design;
• The use of the latest German-Austrian technologies, tools and materials ensures the production of high quality profiles;
• The lined in a foil with a rich color gamut PVC profile allows its adaptation to any interior and taste;
• Using the highest quality raw materials according to the European standards, the production is resistant to extreme climatic conditions;
• Equally reinforcing metal profiles for frames, wing and kempfer;
• Without middle sealing to prevent water retention for better insulation;
• Smooth, easy for cleaning surfaces;
• Ecological, as they are completely recyclable.