Stuklen Sviat Ltd
Stuklen Sviat Ltd is a specialized company for designing, manufacturing and installation of PVC and Aluminum joinery, shower cabins and screens, bathroom railings, interior glass doors and show windows, glass services.

All the materials and components we use for the output of our products and glass services are from well-known and proven manufacturers such as VIVA PLAST , SIEGENIA, ALTEST, DORMA, GULSAN, MAB, INAL, GEZE, TEKSAN, ALUMIL, PROFILINK, ETEM, OZONE, DMD, SPIDI, GMT STAR, SHUKO, ROMB, ROTO and MAKO which have the respective quality certificates and guarantee of their products.

By choosing Stuklen Sviat Ltd You get:
• the Service You wish.
• Complete information about everything related to our products as well as additional products and services.
• Preliminary design of Your joinery according to the dimensions You have set.
• Qualitative and accurate realization of the orders.
• Also, You receive glass services at Your home.

Stuklen Sviat Ltd is also in line with the new business trends and challenges, successfully developing activities in the range of Facility Management.
We can maintain Your home, office or industrial facility by offering the following services:
• Demolition work - floor, walls, ceilings, floorings;
• Painting - floor, walls, ceilings;
• Waterproofing;
• Masonry;
• Plasterboard cladding;
• Complete solutions for construction-assembly works;
• Reconstruction, Renovation, Interior Adaptation, Building Repairs;
• Repair and/or upbuilding of Electrical and Water and Plumbing installations;
• Access control systems and automatic doors;
• General maintenance of buildings and facilities: lighting; Plumbing; locksmith services and joinery; replacement of lighting fixtures; repair of electric switches and sockets, electrical equipment, replacement of electric panel fuses; repair or replacement of switches and plugs.